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To all clients, Uzmaston Projects can offer:

  • property development advice – as we are an active property developer we can support and advise clients and assist through this in-depth process
  • building cost advice – as we are active in construction and building we have daily access to true costs and can therefore advice on client build costs and prepare accurate cost value reconciliations with detailed forecasting of final costs.
  • tendering and estimating – as we prepare our own tenders and estimates we can assist and advice clients on tendering processes with strategic advice and risk assessment
  • planning advice, application preparation and submission – we prepare our own planning applications (including design drawings and reports) and can therefore undertake this for clients or indeed prepare a team for more complicated applications
  • viability appraisals – a specialist activity that we constantly undertake for ourselves and can therefore provide for clients to appraise site viability prior to acquisition and during planning and development process. This is a ‘moving’ process which is modified and developed as the development and build progresses
  • S106, UU and affordable housing agreement co-ordination – we will assist in the negotiation and completion of these as part of the planning and development process including assessment and advice on their risk, impact and benefit to a development
  • take-offs and schedules of work – to prepare an idea of budgets and costs for a development and construction project early on and prior to commencement of detailed cost expenditure eventually converted into detailed control document for managing costs during the live activities
  • construction contract preparation and advice – with 25 years’ experience in the construction industry we can advise and assist in preparation of construction contracts and assist in resolving contract issues throughout the whole contract duration.

Our Company

The company is management based and will employ independent consultants and contractors as projects dictate.

We work closely with our development company Uzmaston Residential Ltd,
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